TYR Convoy Large Wheel Luggage Review

The TYR Convoy Large Wheel Luggage–reviewed here–is a surprisingly well designed bag for organizing an athlete’s gear, but may not hold up to the requirements of a triathlete.

Get Things Done

The organization of this bag is one of its strong selling points. The creators of this bag were tired of losing smaller items in their deep, training bags. So they decided to create a bag for athletes that has ample pockets for the smaller things an athlete needs while training or competing. The result was the multi-pocketed TYR Convoy Large Wheel Luggage.

TYR Convoy Review

The TYR Convoy Large Wheel Luggage has exterior pockets which allow for storage of the smaller objects, and has mesh dividers within the main compartment of the bag to separate items. The mesh permits an athlete to strategically pack, allowing for more focus during training or competition.

TYR Convoy Review

Travel Made Easy

The TYR Convoy Large Wheel Luggage has three handles around it, made of neoprene for comfortable carrying, with the main handle on top of the bag being extendable. There are two wheels on the bottom of the bag, and when the top handle is extended, this turns into a great rolling, training bag. The wheels are made out of urethane, creating a durable and quiet roll that is able to cross rocky terrain and steps with relative ease.

There is an ID sleeve on the inside of the TYR Convoy Large Wheel Luggage as well as suit and compression straps, making this a suitable travel bag as well.


Despite the great organizational features, there is no mention of the bag being waterproof, meaning you’ll have to bring along a second bag for wet gear.

The company also boasts about its custom interior lining, but there’s no mention of what it does besides make the inside of the bag look pretty. This bag has a lot of great features, but may not be useful for every triathlete.

Check out here for information on buying a TYR Convoy Large Wheel Luggage bag. Or instead, check out my Zoot Tri Bag review.


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