Vision Carbon Pro Clip-on Bars Review

The Vision Carbon Pro Clip-on Bars–reviewed here–provide a more streamlined, and comfortable ride for the triathlete.

What Are Clip On Bars?

The Vision Carbon Pro Clip-on Bars are made of a carbon and aluminum blend called Carbon Structural Integration–CSI. As the aluminum and carbon are fused together in the molding process, they become one structure with the strength of carbon and the weightlessness of aluminum.

Cyclists can be assured that the comfort, and aerodynamic advances these Carbon Pro Clip-on Bars provide, won’t be weighed down with heavy material.

Vision Carbon Pro Bars Review

Designed specifically for all timed events, the Aero Bar/Cross Lever diameter is 31.7/31.8 millimeters and the Aero Bar length is 270 millimeters. The Vision Carbon Pro Clip-on Bars are also hollow, to allow for internal cable routing of your bike’s brake cables. The color is carbon, with red lettering.

Vision Carbon Pro Clip-on Bars are commonly attached to the fork tube on sport-bikes, allowing you to achieve faster ride times during competition. Read on to find out how.

Will This Help Me?

The benefits of the Vision Carbon Pro Clip-on Bars are numerous.

Aerodynamics – First and foremost, they allow the cyclist to lean further forward, creating less surface area for wind resistance. The ability to lean forward also helps distribute your body weight more evenly. A more aerodynamic and balanced rider is a faster rider, and in competition, every second counts. While leaning forward, steering is enhanced at all speeds as well.

Comfort – The Vision Carbon Pro Clip-on Bars also allow for a bit more comfort when riding. There are pads for each elbow or forearm to rest on as the rider leans forward for a more streamlined ride. The Vision Carbon Pro Clip-on Bars are easily customizable to the length of your arms, by loosening the bullet-clamps and adjusting the length of the handlebars.

Having properly fitted handlebars allow the rider to be as comfortable as possible while logging the fastest speeds possible. The padded armrests can be moved to one of six positions to match torso height and bending ability.

Are Vision Carbon Pro Bars Comfortable?

Comfort is a subjective thing. Using Vision Carbon Pro Clip-on Bars will be more comfortable than using stock handlebars on most bikes, but it’s not going to be like riding on feathers. These clip-on bars are more comfortable when properly customized to fit your unique body. That’s the beauty of these clip-on bars, they’re adjustable in more ways than the average handlebar.

Enjoying as much comfort as possible during the cycling portion of a triathlon is instrumental to finishing the running segment strong. Running is even more difficult when stiff, because the back and legs were stressed from too much exertion during cycling.

The Vision Carbon Pro Clip-on Bars are durable, fully-accepting of all the drive and passion you can impress upon them in training and competition. They are also fully customizable to fit your specific body’s measurements for a more comfortable ride. Using these handlebars will help any serious racer achieve faster times at such a reasonable price.

The Vision Carbon Pro Clip-on Bars give sport-bikes the boost needed to propel you across the finish line ahead of everyone else. Pick up the Vision Carbon Pro Clip-on Bars HERE at a great price and with free shipping.


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