Why Have Season Goals?

As triathletes, when we start planning for triathlon events in a season, we often begin by thinking about the big race for the season. We then think about the smaller, yet necessary, races that will help us gain entry to the big races.

We create a training plan for and follow this plan to the letter. However, the question is, do we have the right set of objectives that will lead us to the attainment of our goals?

Why Goals

I believe that you will not be able to formulate your objectives, for a particular training phase or race, if you don’t have goals for the entire racing season. It’s important to have a goal as you train, because without these aspirations, the whole racing season is pointless.

The goals keep you motivated. They push you to wake up early in the morning, push you to run further, swim further, and bike further. In simpler terms, your goals fuel your motivation.



Setting Your Triathlon Season Goals

Setting your goals for the season is not that hard. To make things simpler you can always ask a coach or for guidance. In setting your goals you need to figure out the amount of time you have to spend training.

Honesty is important. Therefore, be honest with how much time you can allocate. This will keep you from getting frustrated during training. It is important that you balance everything.

However, when setting goals you must keep in mind that this should be realistic. Setting goals that are impossible to achieve will only frustrate you more. Dreams are not goals. It’s all right to have dreams but do not lose sight of your actual goals for the season.


Dreams are practically long-term goals and this will not happen in just one season. Your goals must be realistic, attainable, measurable, and challenging.

Set Training Objectives

Don’t forget to set objectives for your training. What are the things that I am good at? What are the things that I have to work on? In addition, figure out the type of training program that you need that will help you attain your objectives.

Create a time frame for every objective, while determining the kind of races you might want to sign up to. After that, make use of prioritization especially if you have more than one race.



Focus on the A races since these races will help you attain maximum fitness. B races are not as important but it will serve as preparation for A races. Around 4 to 6 B races are enough preparation. The rest you can engage in C races. C races are perfect opportunities to test yourself in racing conditions.

Create Your Season Plan

After determining the time you are willing to spend training, after setting your goals and objectives during training, and after prioritizing your races, it is now time for you, or your coach, to create a training plan that you will follow for the whole year.

The criteria will serve as the basis for the annual training plan that will help you understand and anticipate the things that will take place during your training workouts.

So why set season goals? In short, these goals keep us motivate all throughout the race season. This will push us to keep on going, until we have attained them.




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