The Benefits of Yoga for Triathletes

Yoga alone is not enough to make you a good triathlete, although integrating yoga and its holistic percepts will allow you to tap your full potential not only as a triathlete, but also as an individual. In order to be a good triathlete, you must eat, sleep and train properly, and also focus your body, mind and even spirit on what you are doing.


Yoga Triathlon


Similarly, practicing yoga requires you to eat properly, rest, exercise and focus your mind. Keep in mind that one can still be a triathlete even without practicing yoga however, they will be unable to achieve their full potential as an athlete or, perhaps, as an individual.

Postural Benefits

Yoga targets the developing the proper posture of the body because if a person neglects correcting his or her posture, it will most likely develop or lead to an injury. Some of the common causes of injury are over stretching, and twisting and bending of joints in inappropriate angles.

These injuries can either be acute or chronic, where the former often results from a single instant. These can be worsened if you lose balance while in the posture and, in the process, twist the shoulder the wrong way, which then results in an injury. The good news is, with time and proper treatment, the injury will eventually heal.

Reduce Injuries

There are lots of precautions you can take to keep you injury free and always running at your peak. Yoga for triathletes is one of the vital components when it comes to training and racing. Having the right posture will give you efficiency, endurance in running and, also, it decreases the chance of being injured. These will make your triathlon experience more enjoyable rather than thinking of it as a chore.

Examples of chronic injuries are pulled and torn muscles. This kind of injury slowly develops with time, and can cause the victim continuous pain. These kinds of injuries can be attributed to the lack of knee stabilization while doing poses such as the Pigeon posture. If you put your knees in a vulnerable position, without learning how to stabilize your knee, knee injuries may develop.

When it comes to training for a triathlon, proper position and technique should already be implemented, so that no acute and/or chronic injuries will develop. Doing proper postures in yoga will promote proper posture during training and racing, which reduces the development of any injuries.

More Efficient Form

Having the proper posture also results to a more efficient form, which increases the performance of a triathlete. Proper posture for swimming, cycling and running should always be observed so that efficiency, as well as injury prevention, can be maximised. Swimming is the most technique oriented among the three and it will be used to demonstrate this.

The stroke used in triathlon races is the free style. Swimming basically requires balance in the water, rotation about the spine with the spine used as the axis, stabilizing the shoulders, while breathing, rotating the neck, as well as kicking. With all the coordination needed in swimming, certain postures in yoga will certainly be of help.

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