Your Triathlon Race Pack and Why You Need It

The race packet you will receive will contain all kinds of information that will be valuable to you as you get ready for race day.  Here is what you will find:

Race number and safety pins:  They are sometimes called a race bib.  The race number not only identifies you in the event to help organizers know who you are, but also to help them know that you are registered for the event.

The race numbers are printed on paper that is durable, weather and rip resistant along with identifying the event and date of event.

You will want to use the safety pins or race belt to attach the race number to your tri suit or shirt.  It is also fun to collect your race numbers, so make sure to hold onto it after you finish the race.

Wristlet:  There are some event organizers who will provide the paper bracelet, which must be worn to any race-related activities, whether it is the race, workshops or even race meetings.  Sometimes the wristlet is required to enter any of the transition areas.

Numbers for bike and helmet:  There are many race organizers who will supply bike race numbers.  The bike number will have an adhesive strip(s) at the top and bottom.

You will wrap the number around your top tube and then remove the paper from the sticker and press the pieces together.  Or the number may come with some plastic ties to be secured to the bike.  There may even be a number to attach to the front of your helmet.

Timing chip:  A timing chip will give you able to help measure your individual race time more accurately than the race clock that will be found at the finish line.

What the timing chip does is records the time you start the race and when you finish along with helping track your transition times so you have a better idea about how long each section of the race took along with time spent transitioning.  At the end of the event you will return the timing chip to the volunteers.

Swim cap:  If the particular event requires a swim cap they will more than likely provide you with one.  The caps that are provided with be color coded for the wave you are in, which is the time you start your swim.

T-shirt:  Many of the events will offer a T-shirt to the participants, which are often given out when you pick up your packet.  It is best if you don’t wear the shirt during the event.  Put it in your bag and wear it during the days that follow your event.

Flyers for more fun:  In the packet provided you will find flyers and registration forms for other triathlons or road races.  Just put them away for now and you can plan what you will do next once you have finished this particular event.

Race instructions:  Many times there will be printed instruction for the event you are participating in.  This may include a course map and any changes to the map that you may have received in the mail prior to the event.

Make sure to review it very carefully and then hold on to them as the information can come in very handy either later on in the day or during the actual event.

Transition info:  The information included here is about the location and how the transition areas are set up, if they are necessary.

The organizers of the event spend a lot of time getting free things to give away to the athletes.  On race day you will receive a bag that will either contain all of the goodies or you will be collecting as you make your way through the check-in area or even at the expo.

Free stuff can be great, but it is best if you don’t use any of it on race day unless it is something you already are using.  Save the nutrition bars and the blister pads for your future training.

If you are lucky enough you will either get a coupon or discount for a massage at one of the local spas.

Good luck!


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