Zipp 404 Rear Clincher Review

Unbelievably fast and stylish, the Zipp 404 Rear Clincher–review below–is a fan favorite. Read on to find out why.

What’s So Great About The 404 Clincher?

Zipp is an exceptional company, utilizing proprietary technology and countless man hours in the lab and in engineering, that creates a wheel which increases speeds and comfort for the rider. After years of learning what makes a wheel quick and durable, the 404 was created.

The Zipp 404 Rear Clincher’s are stylish and aerodynamic, designed to be both modern and fast. These wheels are also light, at a combined weight of 1658 grams, making the 404s lighter than most carbon wheels.

The rim is a 58mm, 505 clincher rim, made for excessive, everyday training, that will still hold its own during competitions. The 505 clincher rim allows for reliable aluminum braking and a light ride.

The hubs used on the Zipp 404 Rear Clincher are Zipp’s 188 hubs. Weighing a light 276 grams per pair, these hubs are sophistically engineered with the amount of time and effort most other companies spend on creating a whole frame. Using a proprietary alloy, and scientific know-how, Zipp has created hubs that are lighter and more powerful than its competitors.

Zipp’s Exclusivity

Zipp’s products have exclusive features that make it one of the premiere bike parts manufacturers in the world. To start, Zipp offers a feature for its wheels called Aerodynamic Boundary Layer Control–ABLC–dimples. If you’ve ever been golfing, you’ve used similar technology.

An object only goes as fast, and far, as resistance will allow. With Zipp’s ABLC technology, each rim has a v-shape to split airflow on the sides. The ABLC dimples keep air, resistance, from clinging to your wheels, effectively improving speed by reducing drag.

Zipp’s Multi-Material Co-Molding–M2CM–technology fuses the 200 gram aluminum hoop within the wheel to the structure of the wheel to strengthen the wheel during impact. Effectively, these wheels will stay strong over many–thousands–miles of use.

One last Zipp feature is the Visco-Elastic Constrained Layer Control–VCLC. Many riders claim that using a Zipp 404 Rear Clincher feels like riding on a cushion. The science behind that is Zipp’s VCLC.

This technology adds more shock absorption inside the wheels by placing VCLC material between the laminate in the rim. Zipp claims its VCLC material absorbs 10% more vibrations from rugged terrain, keeping your body from fatigue.

So what does all this mean for everyday use?

Flat Riding

Many people who have bought Zipp 404 Rear Clincher’s boast about how fast these wheels are, helping them shave precious seconds off their established times.

Many owners of the Zipp 404 Rear Clincher claim the aerodynamics of the wheel, and the sophisticated engineering, create a wheel that helps them go 2-3 miles faster than before. 404 Rear Clincher roll speed is quick and maintains speed as the rider trains on flat, or hilly, terrain.


The stiffness of the 404s are perfect for climbing too. The wheels are stiff to allow for strong exertion up a mountain, but not so stiff that they don’t allow for shock absorption during road riding–because of the VCLC technology. The responsiveness of the wheel allows riders to feel as though they’re riding on a cloud during the climb.

When descending, buckle your seatbelt as descent times are increased by five times or more. The wheels track like they are on rails despite the speed, making for a safe and quick downhill.

Any Problems?

Some rider’s have reported overheating of the aluminum rim used in the non-carbon 404s, but this can be solved by alternate braking, to allow for proper heat dispersion during long downhills.

There have been reports of broken spokes on the rear wheel and problems with the bearings on the front wheel, but Zipp offers great customer service and generous warranties.

Wheel defects are covered by Zipp and they are quick to replace a broken wheel. Even with these complaints, those satisfied with the 404 outweigh those dissatisfied.

In all, the Zipp 404 Rear Clincher is an amazing wheel that increases speeds and comfort for the rider. Check this out for more features of the 404 Rear Clincher and the lowest price I’ve found.



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